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Actionscript - Advanced

This tutorial describes how to create a chroma key effect - removing a fix color (blue screen or green screen) from a video source in real time - using Adobes Pixel Bender technology, and how to use this effect in a simple demonstration program.

Line2D is not a DisplayObject. it is a mathematical object just like Point. it can calculate Intersection point of two Line2D objects, which in turn is the basis of collision detection. it can do all the complicated calculations like dot product and cross product and saves much time and brain for the programmer who use it.

Here we are once again speaking about midi files and how to use them in flash through actionscript. In my previous article "from fruityloops to actionscript" where I am explaining deeply my approach of loading midi files and play them with a certain predefined samples set, I did mention that dealing with acoustics instruments could be a waste of time due to the complexity of waveforms and how we link them making transitions smoothly. What I meant is that all samples of an acoustic instrument recording rely each other and they have to be played in the same sequence order otherwise it sounds just broken. Well, that's true but it is not too bad at all and there are some things we can do with it.

NResponder is the most advanced and fast way to work with events in ActionScript 3.0 (AS3). Responder grown based on idea of Objective-C Event Flow. For this reason the name is Responder, like Responders in Objective-C.

Before showing some examples about interpolation, I would like to explain a little bit what it does mean and why it is so important. Interpolation is a mathematic magic process; it consists in construct new data points within a range of known data points. There are some mathematic patterns (algorithms) for generating missing data between points; I've learned some of them when I was working in an application which required scaling, resize bitmaps. I don't know if you have notice that when you resize an image through Action Script It doesn't look as good as it looks when you do the same in Photoshop

This is an algorithm I did for detecting the distance between parallel lines, no matters their positions or rotation. This is a quite simple and light algorithm that can be implemented on any programming language, in my example it was done in Action Script 3 (FP10)

    You often want dynamic web pages or games embedded in them to communicate with the server to report scores, pull specific content, or simply log in. Here is one solution to server communication without Flex, or a PHP daemon listening for sockets. 

A deep down explanation of the issues you face when creating a preloader. You are assumed to know how to create a preloader already.

It is possible to assign values to symbol properties that will define position or anything else using the Slider Component. A great way to interact with our user!

In this  complete illustrated tutorial we demonstrate how to install and configure the radio button component in Flash and track property values.


Anasazi Stop Motion Animator

Anasazi is for Stop Motion animators, and works with cheap webcams and professional capture hardware alike.

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